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Motorcycles Torrent: An Inevitable Nightmare

by on January 3, 2010

An inevitable nightmare. Soon after the firecracker shows were done, people riding motorized vehicle flocked the street to the way back. New Year’s Eve celebration visualized the future zenith of Pontianak transportation within the next decade – when the road is occupied mostly by private vehicle and no space left for public transportation planning.

According to BPS Kota Pontianak, the urban population reached 0.5 million in 2006 and, in the same year, the number of licensed motorcycle is 0.27 million with 100% growth in 5 years. It is an inevitable nightmare. At least half of the population ride their private vehicle as the main transportation mode from which the egocentric luxurious driving culture grows.

The main public transportation in Pontianak is oplet, a small car with 12 people capacity. The tariff is low enough, IDR 2000 per trip. Similar with angkot in other Indonesian cities, It bears no specific route or shelters. Within the last year, the number of oplet and its passengers are declining. “I don’t know how long this car will last. People prefer to ride motorcycle and I have lost my costumers slowly but sure”, an oplet driver sighed in front of his wheel.

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