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Baseco: Playground

by on February 4, 2010

The heart of Baseco. The umbilical cord of children’ dreams. Dark veil of youth impropriety.

Temporal members of this playground organically tell their personal story through the children eyes.

An elementary student dropped herself out of school due to early pregnancy at 12 years-old and today, only two years after the first delivery, she is ready for the second child. She laughs on pregnancy and children as a humor of poverty.

A teacher brings firearms and intimidates his pupils – from tweaking, pinching, showering pale of water, slapping, to kicking. He is popular to be a fountainhead teacher that has the ability to educate advantageously.

A social worker in slum settlement uses his position as tutorial teacher as well as a sexual harassment actor. His victims are 8 children of Grade-5 Elementary School, one of them courageously reported the case to his parent and processed the case to the court.

A marginalized child of extreme poverty wakes up everyday at 5 AM to supplant her mother position – who currently play mahjong – as a breadwinner. His lips have blue shading and fried small frogs are delicious food when rice is becoming too expensive.

Their pictures are speaking softly and subtly:

“I want to be in the playground because there is freedom – anyone can play”

*Pictures were taken by the children of Baseco
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