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by on November 7, 2010

I have left this blog and prevented myself to publish new posts. Now, I am writing again while volcanic ash of Merapi eruption arrived in Bandung city.

This blog, slumtraveller, at first was meant to record my travel to slum settlements in South East Asian countries. The travel team consists of two persons: my wife and me. The aim of the travel is to capture the collective memory of urban slum dwellers.

The travel was paused in Penang, Malaysia and we went back to Indonesia for a very basic reason: money. Mobility is a costly act hence traveling is a luxurious item.

At that time, the idea of ‘slum’ confronted the notion of ‘travel’. It was frustrating to view the world in such disorder and chaotic state.


A month ago, my colleague invited us to exhibit the travel artworks at Via Via, Yogyakarta, which is partly extracted from slumtraveller. Some pictures from slumtraveller will be displayed as well as paintings and installations.

Working for this exhibition is a remedy to me. I am thankful that I could reorganize scribbling notes and scattered memories during our travel. It might be a good sign: a more organized version both of slumtraveller and my life.

As part of Pray For Indonesia, part of the revenue of this exhibition will be donated for disaster responses in Indonesia.

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